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2001 Meeting Highlights

The last meeting was held at the Summer AAPT 2001 Meeting in Rochester, NY.

PIRA sponsored two 2-day workshops; one on demos and one on labs.

PIRA also sponsored the Annual Apparatus Competition.

The winners were:

Low Cost Category (each prize, $100):

* Apparatus for Determination of Diffusion Coefficient by Refringence Variation

* Piezo-Charger

* Temperature Variation of Resistance

* A Low-Cost, Battery-Powered Precession Generator Which Permits Extended Periods of Student Manipulation

* Apparatus Demonstrating the Dynamics of the Chatter Ring Toy

* An Equipotential PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Introductory Laboratory Category First Prize ($1000)

2nd Place ($600 award) (two were awarded):

* A Modified Binary Eclipsing Star System Model

* Pneumatic Ripple Tank

3rd Place ($200 Award)

* Strings and Springs 1-D Mechanical Analogy to Quantum Mechanics.

As always, we like to take pictures at the meetings ...here are some from Rochester contributed by various members!