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2001 Meeting Minutes

Last Meeting's Minutes

From the 2001 Annual PIRA Business Meeting held a the

Summer AAPT Conference in Rochester, New York.

The Meeting was called to order at 8:30 PM, July 25, 2000 by PIRA President, Sam Sampere.

Introductions: we went around the room introducing ourselves. There were 34 people in attendance.

Minutes: Andrew Yue moved that we waive the reading of last years minutes; his motion was seconded and it was approved. We then voted approval of last years minutes.

Demo Workshop: Dave Maiullo relayed good results and feed back from this years demo workshop. The first day had an attendance of 39 while the second had 36. The only drawback was that the bibliography for the workshop attendees was not done satisfactorily by AAPT. It was decided that members of PIRA would again take over the printing of the bib.

Lab Workshop: Dean Hudek also relayed good results for the first annual lab workshop. 8 were in attendance for each afternoon section. It is planned to hold the workshop again next year with more focus in the intro lab area towards high school.

Committee Reports:

Apparatus Committee: A. Mallman reported that the Apparatus Committee would sponsor the same workshops again next year plus a few new ones.

DCS Committee: Gerald Zanni again expressed disappointment in AAPT handling of the bib production for the demo workshop. Some discussion was also held about integrating the new apparatus into the bib. It was decided that most would like the latest demos, perhaps for the last 6 months, to be in a supplemental format so the new ones could easily be found. After an elapsed time, they would be integrated into the main text and a new supplement of new demos would be introduced.

Lab Committee: Roger Key relayed that there is a distinct possibility for a Lab Focus at the Boise meeting.

Professional Concerns: Dean Hudek reported that this year's cracker barrel would be focusing on how to improve workplace relations.

Web Site Committee: Machele Cable reported that the 1995 PIRA sponsored salary survey had been successfully posted and integrated into the PIRA website. The member area had also been password protected. The PIRA Webring had also been moved from Yahoo! to a private site at Wake Forest University. Machele is now able to control the ring manually and no advertising what-so-ever is found on the new webring.

Constitution Committee: Tony Papirio was surprised to find he was the chair of this committee and had not prepared an official report. He did, however, enthusiastically agree to remain as the chair and to head the committee's activities. The activities would include an extensive review of the current constitution and making suggested changes at the next meeting. Tony expressed his wish to solicit suggestions from the current members on what revisions should be made.

Newsletter/Treasurer: Jerry Hester reported that we have $1,747.91 in the bank and that the membership list had been restored. He also reported that, after much struggle, he finally had enough content to publish a new newsletter. Some discussion as to what the purpose of the newsletter should be was held and everyone seemed to be in agreement that it should focus more on reporting the activities of PIRA members rather than a place to publish articles. Articles would be welcome, but the primary content would be who is doing what and going where. Also, it was suggested that perhaps a summary of Tap-L subjects and there outcomes could be included.

Sutton Book Committee: A new committee was formed to research the possibility of making Sutton's demo book available to the public. The committee will be headed by Machele Cable with Kelly Beck and Vacek Miglus as willing members. A copyright search will be held to research who hold the current copyright or if it is now in the public domain. Suggestions that the book be available on the web as well as CD (for a minimal cost; no profit) were made.


Keith Warren, formerly the demonstration person at NC State University, has left his position and returned to industry. This leaves the searchable bibliography database without support and possibly without a secure homesite. Machele Cable stated that Wake Forest University would provide all the space needed to house the bib, but that support was unclear. She would look into the possibility of moving the bib to WFU if she could find the support for it.

Sam reminded the members that the Bauder fund is available as a source of funding to get physics equipment to teachers that don't necessarily have any. It's also available to offset the cost of hauling equipment to and from meetings and for demo shows. Proposals can be submitted on an ongoing basis, but payment is only made after the summer and winter meetings.

Since the membership list has been recovered, it was decided that dues would again be collected from members.

Possible uses of the money in the PIRA account were discussed. It was suggested that perhaps it could be use to charter buses to take attending members to the nearest PIRA facility for tours. Another idea was that food and drinks be provided at the meeting. Further ideas included support for regional meetings.


This year, nominations for VP (an annual election) and Newsletter/Treasurer (a semiannual election) were held. Jerry Hester wished to continue in the office of Newsletter/Treasurer, but some felt there should be another nominee so that an official election could be held. To that end, Andrew Yue reluctantly consented to be opposing candidate. For VP, Roger Key and Karle Trappe, both former officers for PIRA were nominated. Each candidate gave a quick speech and their bios should be included in the next newsletter.

A motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded and heartily approved. An unofficial motion was made, seconded and approved that the meeting would be moved to a local blue bar for beer and BBQ.