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2002 Meeting Mniutes

Last Meeting's Minutes

From the 2002 Annual PIRA Business Meeting held a the

Summer AAPT Conference in Boise, Idaho.

The Meeting was called to order at 9:40 PM, Aug. 5, 2002 by PIRA President, Gerald Zanni.

Introductions: we went around the room introducing ourselves. There were XX people in attendance.

Minutes: Zig Peacock moved that we waive the reading of last years minutes; his motion was seconded and it was approved. We then voted approval of last years minutes.

Demo Workshop: Dave Maiullo relayed good results and feed back from this years demo workshop. Both days had an attendance of 35. Zig Peacock was thanked for his generous help with this year's equipment. Brain Andersson was announced as being the primary provider for next year.

Lab Workshop: Dean Hudek also relayed good results for the second annual lab workshop. 15 were in attendance for the Introductory Lab section and 11 were in attendance for the Advanced Lab Section. A mention of a slightly different format for next year was made, in order to allow the contributors a chance to learn about each other's labs. The Introductory session would be a crackerbarrel type session while the Advanced Lab section would be a poster session.

Resource Room: Roger Key thanked Clarence Bennet for his contributions of lead bells as well as Bill Beaty for his contribution of cool apparatus. Pasco once again donated the copier. A printer was provided last minute by Duane Warren and it was suggested that a sponsor be found to make this a permanent feature of the Resource Room. The give away toys were a big hit and it was decided to continue this. Space consideration was addressed and a suggestion that when we request for space next year, we request it in square footage. Thank you cards for Duane and Clarence were suggested. The Resource Room took in $582.00.

Committee Reports:

Apparatus Committee: Zig reported that the Apparatus Committee would sponsor the same workshops again next year plus. Crackerbarrels about demos and labs were suggested.

DCS Committee: Gerald Zanni presented that the committee is working on revamping and modernizing the PIRA 200. Unused demos would be replaced, important new demos would be added, out-of-date and/or incorrect descriptions would be rewritten and new drawings would be created.

Professional Concerns: Dean Hudek reported that this year's cracker barrel would be focusing the faculty perspective of PIRA type people. Warren Hein would be saying a few words.

Web Site Committee: Machele Cable reported that the PIRA site seemed to be functioning well, but that it was under used as a valuable resource for the organization. She suggested that things like voting could be done on the website. She announced that the webring had 30 members and was looking for more and reminded people throughout the meeting that things like the Constitution and Handbook were on the site. She also suggested that a complete copy of the DCS be added.

Constitution Committee: Tony Papirio was disappointed that his call for comments about the Constitution went unanswered, even after an email link was added to the website. He stated that two articles seemed to be out-of-date and did not accurately reflect how the organization was being run. A motion was passed to suspend articles 2 and 9 for the meeting so that elections could be held at the meeting. A motion was also passed to look into seriously revamping those two articles. An acknowledgment of a typo in [Article 8] was made. A motion was made that a mass email to the organization would be made about the proposed changes to the constitution. Dean Hudek put forth the idea that perhaps the Presidential cycle should be more like that of the US government where the elected official served in that particular office for a term instead of the way it is done now. The constitution committee was charged with looking into the suggestion and seeing if was feasible and then presenting their finding at the next meeting.

Newsletter/Treasurer: Jerry Hester reported that before the meeting, there was $1518.41 in the bank. $342.55 was spent on give away items for the resource room and Clarence Bennett was paid $60 for lead bell supplies. Subtracting these and adding the Resource Room income, the balance was $1697.86. He also reported that, once again, he was struggling with the newsletter due to lack of participation. Again, it was stated that, articles would be welcome, but the primary content would be who is doing what and going where. It was again suggested that perhaps a summary of Tap-L subjects and there outcomes could be included, but Jerry stated that he didn't feel that this was a good news source, even if it was useful information. There were quite a few members who had not paid their dues and Jerry reminded the group to keep up their membership.

Sutton Book Committee: Machele reported that the Sutton book was finally determined to be in the public domain. Efforts to learn different scanning techniques were being made, but there were problems with the OCR scanning that would allow for a searchable text. In the mean time, Kelly investigated a company who would reprint the Sutton book in softback format, making each copy under $50 (the more ordered, the cheaper the copies). A poll was taken to see how many were interested in purchasing a copy; about 40 were. It was decided to continue perusing the scanning of the book and that the actual format of the page wasn't as important as having a searchable text.

New Business:

It was announced that Andy Graham sent his apologies that he could not attend the meeting.

Machele Cable announced that space for the Bib was available at WFU.

Gerald Zanni announced that the $200 from the Bauder fund was available to offset costs for those attending the Demo workshops for the first time, with a limit of 10 people. It was suggested that the PIRA members contact local teachers with this info for next yea. Sam again reminded everyone that the fund was also available for outreach programs.

Suggestions for next year's invited paper session were taken: student response systems, LaTex/Lab Manual Publications, Databases, Demos on the Web, HTML course, Labview in demos, Labview in Labs (Rex Berney from the University of Dayton was suggested for this).


This year, nominations for VP (an annual election) and Secretary (a semiannual election) were held. For VP, Machele Cable and Karl Trappe were the candidates. For Secretary, Stephen Irons and Vacek Miglus were the candidate. Each candidate gave a quick speech and the attending membership voted. Karl Trappe and Vacek Miglus were elected.

Additional Items:

A Sutton book, generously donated by Dale Stille, was raffled as well as several toys. Stephen Irons won the Sutton book, but already had a copy and redonated the book. Another raffles was held and Richard Flarend from Penn State won it the second time. He kept it!

Doug announced he had cds available with demo jpgs for those who wanted one.

A motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded and heartily approved.