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2003 Meeting Minutes

Meeting of The PIRA Business Meeting

Meeting called to order by the President at approximately 7:30 with 34 in attendance.

Minutes from the previous meeting were presented and accepted.

Old Business Approved:

PIRA shall be listed on Demonstration and Lab workshops.

Officer's reports:

President–elect's report:

Not available.

Treasurer's Report:

PIRA has 168 members on the books with 36 of those paid in full.

Vice President/Resource Room:

Many to thanks were offered to Machele Cable and Jason St. John for arranging the resource room on very short notice.

The inability of the President Elect to fulfill his duties was discussed. The resolution was several member being willing to make arrangements to coordinate with the President Elect in making arrangements to fulfilling those duties.

Apparatus Committee:

It was resolved that Demonstration and Lad workshops will be held next year.

That the Madison staff be publicly thanked at the Apparatus Competition Awards and be awarded a year of PIRA membership.

A motion was made and carried to write a letter of thanks to the Madison Physics Department.

President's report/Sutton Book:

The finished reprint of "Demonstration Experiments in Physics" by Richard M. Sutton was presented. The probability of the run selling out and the possibility of another run being printed was discussed.

The "Resource CD" was presented and permission was granted to all to copy it freely. It was suggested that a letter be written to the Wake Forest Physics Department thanking Machele Cable for here work to benefit the Physics Community.

Lecture Demo Workshop:

Dave Maiullo thanked Steve Narf for his support and contribution to the success of the demo workshop. Dave also promoted the workshop to be held in Sacramento.

Lab Workshop:

Dean Hudac reported an attendance increase and praised the support they received from the Madison Staff.

Committee Reports:


Chair of the committee Gerald Zani brought up the ranking of Physlets in the DCS. Dale Stille brought up the possibility of adding the "Dick and Rae Notebook" to the DCS.

Professional Concerns:

Bill McNairy and Dean Hudac spoke in support of the Professional Concerns Crackerbarrel and of upcoming sessions and workshops.

Bauder Fund:

No report

Web Site:

Machele Cable reported that the new DCS 200 will be posted soon. A request was made to identify committee chairs on the web site. Machele indicated that would be done.


The status of the newsletter was brought up and Jerry Hester highly recommended that we return to the committee format with sub-editors for the newsletter. Those serving on the DCS committee as PIRA 200 reviewers volunteered to serve as sub-editors for the newsletter as well.


Tony Papirio presented the latest change to the Constitution.


Jerry Zani implored the membership to assist the nominating committee in any way they can.


Stephen Irons was elected to the position of treasurer.

Dale Stille was elected to the position of Vice President by a margin of more that the three absentee votes submitted.

New Business:

A Laboratory Classification Scheme (LCS) committee was proposed and formed consisting of Machele Cable, Cynthia Coutre, Brian Andersson, Ken Silva, Tony Papirio, and Stephen Irons. The existing DCS can be used as a basis.

The theme of next year's sessions was discussed especially in light of the Olympic Trials to be held in Sacramento and the theme of the summer meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55