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2004 Meeting Minutes

PIRA Business Meeting 2004

Meeting called to order at 4:03 by Roger Key

A motion to accept the Minutes from 2003 as amended to reflect spelling corrections was made

by Machele Cable and second by David Haley. Motion passed.

Old Business: No Old Business was brought up.

President-Elect's report was not available.

Treasurer's report was read.

PIRA has 80 paid members and 97 unpaid on the books as of today. That includes 18 new

members in 2003 and 7 new members in 2004.

Treasurer suggested that the maintenance of the membership list should be transferred to

a membership chairperson.

The Treasurer brought up the question of what value the membership receives for their

dues, and the need for the membership to receive value for their money in addition to the

satisfaction of supporting PIRA.

Dale Stille spoke for the need to maintain a $5000 cushion for the resource room.

Also there was discussion at to whether PIRA officers should be excused from dues for

the work performed. I was brought up that this is the existing arrangement for the

newsletter editor. Checking the constitution was suggested.

Motion was made to create the position of Membership Chair by Stephen Irons

Dale Stille asked Tony Papirio to review the constitutionality of separating the newsletter

editor and membership chair's positions. The motion was not seconded

Vice President's / resource room report

Machele Cable reported that as of this afternoon the expensed were about covered. She

went on to detail the resource room expenses and explain what the projected income

would be. She also reported on how Bauder Fund money is used.

Dale Stille made a request that more help is needed in setting up the resource room.

Many hands would make the job go faster and relive some of the burden on the people


Apparatus Committee:

No official report was available due to meeting time being after the PIRA Meeting

Demo Workshop:

David Maiullo reported that there were almost 40 attendees, which he considered a very

good turnout. In addition to the presenters Jason St. John, David Haley and Dale Stille

were recognized for their help and a big thanks to Zig and Varney Johnson for their

invaluable assistance.

Van Bistrow made a motion to formally thank Varney Johnson for his help. Motion

passed by show of hands.

Lab Workshop:

Dean Hudeck reported that the lab workshops were a big success and thanked the

presenters. Mary Creason has volunteered to take over as lab workshop leader for the

coming year(s?)

Committee reports:


It was reported that the bibliography is available on the web

A problem is that there is no formal follow-up after the meeting.

DCS committee will meet at 10am on Tuesday.

Bauder Fund:

David Maiullo and Jerry Zani will represent PIRA at the meeting. It was reported that the

Bauder fund is being well used.


LCS committee will meet Tuesday. Decisions will need to be made about the direction of

the LCS. Machele Cable indicated she will need help organizing. Ramon Torres

questioned if an LCS is even possible.

Professional Concerns:

17 people attended the session. Sam Sampere made a suggestion that faculty cjairs be

made aware about PIRA concerns. Annie Atiyeh volunteered to work on this. She also

indicated that a preliminary report of Professional Concerns from the minutes should be

published on the PIRA website for member review; with more input from the next

Summer Meeting would allow a final report. Dean Hudeck mentioned that a previous

study was done.

Salary Survey:

Van Bistrow reported that two years ago it was decided to update the salary survey.

Roger Key and Cynthia Coutre worked on the preliminary survey and now the task is to

put out the word that the survey is going on.


Machele Cable reported the bold new graphics, that the resource CD is posted and that

Officers and committed chairs have been added.


The reprinted Sutton book is out and for sale. Stephen Irons thanked those that helped

submit newsletter items.


No report


Dale Stille volunteered to take on the responsibilities of the Presidents position.

Machele Cable was elected Vice President.

David Haley was elected secretary.

New Business:

The possibility of establishing a paid life membership was brought up. Stephen Irons said

he would look into establishing pricing.

No other new business was brought forward.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:54