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2005 Meeting Minutes

SLC Meeting's Minutes

From the 2005 Annual PIRA Business Meeting held a the

Summer AAPT Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Minutes of PIRA Business Meeting, August 9 th

Meeting called to order by Dale Stille at 7:35 pm


Group Photo

Old Business:

1. Minutes from 2004 Business Meeting

Tony Papiro moves to accept the minutes as is

David Mauillo seconds

Motion Passes

2. Membership Chair?

It has been suggested to move management of the membership directory from the duties of the Newsletter Editor to the Secretary. Note that as it concerns duties of elected officers, a constitutional amendment is needed

Dean Hudek makes a motion to move the duties of maintaining the membership directory from the Newsletter Editor to the Secretary

Jerry Zani seconds

Motion Passes

3. Discussion on Stephen Irons proposal to create lifetime memberships for PIRA. Stephen read his proposal which had been posted on the PIRA website

Discussion on when the fiscal year for membership should start, currently its from August to July as well as how to handle advanced dues and lifetime members

Tony Papiro proposes to post Stephen's idea on Tap-L

President Elect Report – Dale Stille

PIRA is in good standing with the Bauder Fund Committee

Treasurer's Report – Stephen Irons

Sent out welcome packet for new members

129 total Members

22 New Members in 2004

10 New Members in 2005

PIRA assets at roughly 2-3,000

PIRA is in "ok shape" but we still trying to get the account up to ~5,000 to "cushion" the account against yearly expenditures

Dale Stille repeated the need for a 5K cushion

Stephen Irons suggested a raise in due's to help increase revenue

Most of our expenditures this year are for shipping to the National Meeting and free items in the Resource Room

Vice Presidents Report

Resource Room made ~2,0000 and costs ~1,200

Resource Room was funded in part by the Bauder Fund, ~1,500

Among the expenses incurred from the Resource Room are the Vice President's airfare, shipping, make & take reimbursements and the give aways, i.e. toys

The raffle this year in the Resource Room did not succeed. It lost money

Jerry Hester provided feedback on raffles and how to succeed

Jerry Zani initiates a round of applause for Machele's work in the resource room

Machele official recognizes and thanks the efforts of Kelly Beck, Tom Senior, Dick Berg, and others for helping with the Make & Takes, and general staffing of the resource room

Tim Cook raises the question on the impact of the Resource Room. Dale Stille returns that the majority of PIRA's interaction with AAPT is in the Resource Room. Discussion Follows

Machele recognizes PASCO for providing the photocopier for the Resource Room and Vernier for covering the costs of the Resource CD. The Apparatus Competition is very happy to share space with the Resource Room as it provides exposure for the Competition

Dale Stille comments that between 2/3 to 3/4 of the attendee's at the summer meeting walk through the Resource Room, over 200 Sales in 2 days and stresses that the Resource Room makes a net profit. It is noted that the Bauder Fund Committee has approved 1,500 for next years Resource Room.

Andrew Yue thanks the Vice President

Apparatus Committee Report

Tony Papiro chairs

AAPT asked for people for recommendations on workshop for Advanced Labs

Lab Workshops went well & received high scores from participants

Lecture Demonstration Workshop had "rave" reviews

The committee is going to sponsor the lecture demo workshop next summer

Round of applause for Ziggy Peaccock and Dale Stille

PIRA session – coordinate with Apparatus Committee * AAPT executive board. PIRA should chose the session topic to coincide with Apparatus Committee's topic of 75 th Anniversary of AAPT

It's suggested we should invite Tom Greenslade of Kenyon College as an invited speaker

Apparatus Competition was the best it's been in 4 years

Committee Reports

DCS Jerry Zani

PIRA Bibliography has been updated

New Graphics for PIRA 200

Committee meeting time conflicted with PIRA invited talks

DCS has finished reviewing/updating the 200 and it will be written up and used next year at the meeting in Syracuse.

Bauder Fund Jerry Zani/Dave Mauillo?

1,500 approved for next year

Jerry Hester and Annie Atiyeh were approved for funding from the Bauder fund for outreach in their respective regions.

Dave Mauillo retires from chair of the Lecture Demo workshop

Machele recognizes Dave for all his hard work as chair of Lec Demo workshop

Lab workshops improve values of AAPT summer meetings and should be continued

LCS Machele Cable

"We've done squat" Machele doesn't have the time to work on the LCS project and asks for volunteers in her place; Brian Andersson, Ken Silva, Stephen Irons * Cynthia Coutre are willing to work on it

Dale charges the committee members to evaluate the need for an LCS and where it should go from here

Professional Concerns Committee Dean Hudek

The session was offered too early in the morning but ~23 people attended crackerbarrel

Dean is most likely not going to chair the PCC after the Winter meeting in Anchorage and is looking for people to join the committee

Discussion on certification program to enhance our professional standing within our respective positions i.e. certified electricians

Salary Survey Committee Van Bistrow

65 responses to the survey

We should continue the survey and Van is welcoming suggestions on how to improve the survey

Suggested we strip job titles and randomize the list to improve anonymity

Dean Hudek moves to continue the survey

Dave Kardelis seconds

Motion is approved

Jerry DiMarco is recognized for his work on correlationg the survey

Thanks to Roger Key for his efforts to get it online

Website Report Machele Cable

Machele C. is done managing of the web ring. She is looking for a volunteer to take over

The Webring is down to 12-13 sites with 6 lost most recently due to web rot

The rest of the website is doing well.

Machele will add the World Year of Physics PRC when she gets home


Only item of business is the proposed amendment to change the duties of newsletter editor and secretary

Nominating Committee

Dale Stille stood in for Roger Key and nominated Sam Sampere and Brian Andersson for the position of Vice President. Stephen Irons and David Kardelis were nominated for the position of newsletter editor

Tony Papiro read a statement concerning the voting rules and moves to waive the constitutional voting rules due to the absence of the past president.

Cliff Bettis seconds

Motion passes

Brian Andersson was elected to Vice President

Stephen Irons was elected to Newsletter Editor

New Business

Because of conflicts between PIRA sessions and AAPT sessions, the AAPT wants a PIRA member on the planning committee possible candidates include Steve Wonnell, Dave Mauillo and Sam Sampere

suggestions on topics for next years Resource Room, perhaps an antique apparatus display "75 years of Physics Teaching Apparatus"

Discussion on invited speakers

Jerry Zani recommends a M.I.T. historian

Dale has a list of people unable to attend this meeting as possible speakers

The question of does PIRA want to offer honorariums for speakers? Stephen Irons is concerned with the range of expenses

Jerry Zani does not want PIRA to support speakers

Tom Senior proposed asking Vernier & Pasco to give a talk

Dale Stille proposes memorials for deceased members

Sam Sampere suggests a get well card for Bernie

Dave Mauillo objects and the general consensus is no that PIRA should not be in the memorial business

Dale brings up the topic of advantages of membership in PIRA

Possible suggestions include;

PIRA discount for AAPT meeting registration

Coupons from Vendors

Stephen Irons points out that the advantages need to have no cost to PIRA

Dave Storm suggests a simple certivicate of membership or perhaps "fellows' of PIRA

Certification from PIRA for workshops

Jerry Hester proposes another session, a crackerbarrel, on how to implement a certification program through PIRA

Dale's response is a committee is more appropriate

One possible member advantage is access to the website so we would have to implement a policy of changing the password to the members area on an annual basis and provide current members with the new password

Cliff Bettis moves to accept the posting of handbook policy changes for membership review on the website

Patty 2nds

Motion carries

Doug Johnson wants a new PIRA t-shirt but we need to limit the number of shirts so we don't lose money on them

Tom Senior moves to adjourn

Sam Sampere seconds the motion

Motion passes

Meeting adjourns at 9:50 pm