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2006 Meeting Minutes

PIRA Business Meeting July 25th, 2006

Dale Stille calls the meeting to order at 8:15 pm


Tony Papiro moves to waiver the reading of the minutes from last year

Brian Andersson seconds

Motion passes with 1 abstention

Old Business:

Stephen Irons has resurrected the new member packet. Stille has some other incentives, Vernier has offered old motion sensors for new members and Klinger has made similar comments about donating old equipment

-Officer Handbook Changes

Tony Papiro moves to vote on accepting the changes/updates to the Handbook that have been posted on line for member review.

Jerry Zani sconds

Motion passes

-Constitutional Changes:

Jerry Zani moves to accept changes to constitution to move management of the membership directory from newsletter editor to secretary

Tony Papiro Seconds

Motion passes

President Elects Report:

PIRA Sessions 1st – upwards of 75 people attended with 4 invited speakers

2nd – 7 Contributed speakers and 5 showed up. 30-35 people in attendance

Overall, everything went well.

Treasurer's Report:

1/1/2005 – 12/31/05

Total Inlow: $4102.75

Total Outflow: $2001.23

Net Income: $2101.52

Final Balance: ~ $5,000


New Members in 2005: 32

New Members in 2006: 11

16 New Members at AAPT meeting

Non-renewing Members (2005 and lower) 75

Unofficial results for 2006 Resource Room income


Membership $270

R.R. $767

Returns -$2


Membership $180

R.R. $493

Total: $1708


New members were sent informational packets that included: a resource CD in case, a copy of latest newsletter, a list of officers, and a welcome letter. Treasury could still use an increase in income. Options include raising dues to $20 or increasing the number of items for sale at actual cost.

Vice President's Report:

1. Bauder fund is no longer going to pay for travel expenses for the VP, starting this meeting. PIRA will look into ways of funding some portion of travel for future meetings

2. Also, the Bauder committee wants to see larger in kind contributions from PIRA for toy purchases for the resource room. Shipping expenses will still be covered by the fund

3. Report on the Resource Room

- Business during the first day was brisk. I was a little concerned about the location, but there were a lot of people right away.

- The free stuff was popular, of course. A number of items flew off the table the first day.

- T-shirts (both pre-sales and floor sales) were good. Most members picked up their shirts. A good portion of the extras went as well.

- Most of the extra Minnesota books from last year plus the 20 I brought this year were sold.

- Dick Berg donated 60 of his DVD's as well as make and takes. Both were well received.

- The make and take tables were always busy. A thanks to Dick Berg, Kelly Beck, Bill McNairy, and Tom Senior.

- A very special thanks to Sammy for storing all the RR stuff.

- Total sales for the first day was $765

- Thank you to Pasco & Vernier as well for donation gift certificates to the R.R.

Apparatus Committee:

-Sponsored lecture demonstration workshop, the introductory & advanced laboratory workshops, the Resource Room, and the Crackerbarrels on Apparatus

-18 entries in the Apparatus Competition

-At the Anchorage meeting the committee is sponsoring a workshop and tutorial session. Greg Puskar is running a a crackerbarrel and Mary Ann Klassen is facilitating a poster session.

-At the North Carolina meeting we're sponsoring 2 Poster sessions

Lecture Demonstration Workshop Report:

This year the workshop expanded attendee's allowed from 40 to 50. Attendance on Sat. was 47-48 and 49 on Sunday. Reviews were excellent.

Laboratory Workshop Report:

The Bauder fund contributed over $4,000 for this year's workshop. We received fantastic reviews for both sessions.

Workshop 18 Introductory Laboratories

Presenters: Gabe Alba, Van Bistrow, Mary Creason, Brian Jones, S. Ramesh, Andrew Tomash

Registered Participants: 19

Attending Participants: 16

Overall Reaction: 4.7/5

Workshop 37 Advanced Laboratories

Presenters" Gabe Alba, Van Bistrow, Mary Creason, Dean Hudek, Ramon Torres-Isea, Steve Wonnell

Registered Participants: 19

Attending Participants: 18

Overall Reaction: 4.8/5

PIRA Committee Reports:


-New Updated PIRA 200

- New additions on Astronomy section by Dale Stille

- Revisions of sound section by Dick Berg


It is with a sad note, Chele reports that the LCS is dead!

Professional Concerns:

No Business to mention – Dean Hudek

Salary Survey:

Dale Stille comments that we can revive/revise the salary survey and do another at any time.


No new changes other than the moving of the maintenance of the membership directory from the newsletter editor to the secretary.

Nominating Committee:

The nomination committee did a great job this year and came up with 3 candidates for Secretary and 2 for Vice President.

New Business:

Jim from Arizona is interested in helping with webpage design and templates.

Michael Thomason and the PIRA website: Michael has graciously offered to host the DCS @ UC Boulder and is willing to host the PIRA website in January.

Web Domain Address:

We have a new domain address, it's pira-online.org

Resource CD did not get put out this year. Machele is giving it up. David Haley is taking it over for the next summer meeting.

Tom Senior is sponsoring a poster session for next summer. The topic is inexpensive items ($1-10) and how you use it in a physics demo.

Dave Mauillo mentions that AAPT has revamped their mission statement and it includes comments from PIRA.

Recognitions: David Haley, Dave Maiullo, John Ertel, Steve Shropshire

Thank you to Sammy

Gift of appreciation to Andy Graham

Brian invites suggestions for the session topics for 2007 meeting in Greensboro

Suggestions for continuation of Tom Greesnlades legacy.

Election of Officers:

Election of VP

- Dave Sturm wins election against Keith Warren

Election of Secretary

- Tom Senior wins against Jerry Hester and Dave Kardelis

Motion to Adjourn made by Jerry Zani

Seconded by Tony Papiro

Motion passed

2006 PIRA business meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.