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2007 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the PIRA Business Meeting 7/31/07

Recorded by Tom Senior

I. Called to order at 22:15, after the demo show clean up.

Guest: Toufic Hakim, Executive Officer, AAPT

First Timers: David Tam, Andrew Morrison, Anna Kiefte

II. The reading of the minutes from the previous meeting were waived.

III. Old Business:

A. Michael Thomason is now our web master hosting the DCS and the PIRA website

(pira-online.org) on the University of Colorado Boulder's server. He was unable to

make the meeting.) Dean H. wondered if we should host the site on AAPT's server

(Toufic expressed support as needed for this.) and it was stated that the support for

PIRA at U of Colo. was very strong.

A thankful round of applause was given to Michele Kindle for her years of service as

web mistress via Wake Forest's server.

B. The Resource CD has fallen behind in production and will be ready for the next


IV. Officers and Workshop Reports.

1. Brian Anderson reported that Tuesday morning's Session CF: Data Acquisition and Analysis Software used in Demonstrations and Labs went smoothly and had good attendance, including a standing room only situation for Urs Lauterburg.

2. Stephen Irons reported on the financial health of PIRA. In 2006 the inflow was $3601.71, the outflow was $2631.74 for a net income of $969.97.

Membership, as well as donations to the Mary Creason fund can be made via Paypal using Paypal accounts or credit cards. Donations to the Creason memorial fund totaled $505.

In 2006, there were 40 new members to PIRA, with about 30 non-renewing members (2005 and before). Our present membership is approximately 160, including members from Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland. These international memberships are paid more easily with the use of Paypal. PIRA charges $11 for dues when paid by Paypal to cover expenses. Stephen has sent a membership packet to each new member.

The added expense of shipping resource room materials to next summer's meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was discussed. The Bauder Fund may cover most of these. There are 3 separate grant proposals being submitted to the Bauder Fund to cover shipping for the Advanced Labs Workshop, the Lecture Demo Workshop, and the Resource Room.

Gmail can be used to contact the treasurer.

3. David Sturm thanked the folks who helped out in the Resource room. These included: (to be sent by David)

David has contacted vendor donors for next year's resource room.

Pasco was thanked for providing the copier, Daedalon for donating door prizes, and Globe motors for donating so many motors.

4. Dale Stille reported that the Lecture Demonstration Workshop had 43 attendees on

Saturday and 46 on Sunday. There were 9 or 10 walk-ins for both days.

The Greensboro guys were singled out for their extra help. Many folks were thanked for bringing demo equipment to help complete the 200, particularly Bill McNairy.

The workshop has now been "grand-fathered" by AAPT, which means it has become a standard part of the summer meetings and this will free up two more workshop spots for the Apparatus committee.

5. Lab Workshops, Introductory and Advanced-Intermediate had 22 and 21 participants

with many new people attending. Van Bistrow was applauded for stepping in for Mary Creason at the last minute.

PIRA Committee Reports.

1. DCS. Jerry Zani, Dick Berg, and Dale Stille have made many significant changes to the Bibliography for next year's edition. Dale has reworked and expanded the astronomy section, and Dick has put Bernoulli in its place.

Toufic suggested that AAPT place a link to the DCS on their webpage and that PIRA talk to the TPT editor to set up a column to explain the DCS and present new demonstrations to the readership.

2. Dean Hudek reported that the cracker barrel on professional concerns went well with

10 to 18 folks making it a very positive session.

3. There has been no activity with the constitution committee.

4. Dave Maiullo reported that the Apparatus Committee has set up sessions for the Winter meeting in Baltimore. Connections have been established to discuss a session on Quarknet and cosmic ray detectors for the classroom. Dave pointed out that the Instructional Resource folks from Michigan (2009 Summer Meeting location) attended the Lecture Demonstration Workshop to prepare for that meeting.

There was then a discussion about the constraints of the Bauder Fund.

5. Dale Stille presented the nominations for Treasurer/Newsletter Editor: Adam Beehler

and Steven Wonnell. Steven was elected.

For Vice-president: Keith Warren and Wayne Easterling were nominated, and Wayne was elected.

New Business:

1. Pati Sievert suggested that we somehow incorporate the Blue Man Group in the Chicago Winter meeting.

2. Stephen Irons discussed the PIRA forum on the website and discussed its uses. He also suggested that the DCS might be presented in a wiki with editing privileges limited to the PIRA membership and this might make the newsletter obsolete. There is one entry on the wiki so far. Check out the website for the link. You will have to establish your own password to log on.

3. To date there has been $1825 collected toward the Mary Creason Scholarship fund intended to help fund the meeting registration for middle school and high school teachers so that they might attend the AAPT Summer meetings.

4. There followed much discussion about the Advanced Lab group being formed between several organizations. I believe it would be called ALPhA. Dave M. seemed to sum it up by stating: "Beware commercialization, but growth is good."

5. David Sturm suggested that we each get two more folks to attend the workshops and to join PIRA. He would also like to get our Demo and Lab workshops presented at an APS meeting.

6. We observed a moment of silence in memory of Mary Creason.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:04 AM, 1 August 2007.