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This has been a long time coming but it is finally here. We now have the archives from 2003-present online. There is a google search engine for the messages available on the main page. I will be adding the archives from 1998-2003 in the near future.
You can not only search, but browse the messages by date. Go to the year and month you want and an index of all messages is listed by date.
I'll try to add other features as I think of them.

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The web's only up-to-date index of University Physics Lecture Demonstration Websites (UPLDWs). This page is home to the world's only functioning spider to exclusively crawl UPLDWs. Once every four weeks it creates a new index to the complete contents of the 60 sites. Click here.

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Much thanks to Angela Plagemann from the University of Michigan for this comprehensive list.

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