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2000 Meeting Highlights

The 2000 meeting was held at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Thank you those who submitted pictures.

Click here for Pictures.

2001 Meeting Highlights

The last meeting was held at the Summer AAPT 2001 Meeting in Rochester, NY.

PIRA sponsored two 2-day workshops; one on demos and one on labs.

PIRA also sponsored the Annual Apparatus Competition.

The winners were:

Low Cost Category (each prize, $100):

* Apparatus for Determination of Diffusion Coefficient by Refringence Variation

* Piezo-Charger

* Temperature Variation of Resistance

* A Low-Cost, Battery-Powered Precession Generator Which Permits Extended Periods of Student Manipulation

* Apparatus Demonstrating the Dynamics of the Chatter Ring Toy

* An Equipotential PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Introductory Laboratory Category First Prize ($1000)

2nd Place ($600 award) (two were awarded):

* A Modified Binary Eclipsing Star System Model

* Pneumatic Ripple Tank

3rd Place ($200 Award)

* Strings and Springs 1-D Mechanical Analogy to Quantum Mechanics.

As always, we like to take pictures at the meetings ...here are some from Rochester contributed by various members!

2004 Meeting Highlights

The last meeting was held at the Summer AAPT 2004 Meeting in Sacramento, CA.

PIRA sponsored 3 workshops; a two day one on demos, an afternoon of into labs and another afternoon of advanced labs. The Resource Room was phenominal...and even included the hot tub as promised (ok, so it wasn't HOT...aaaannnnd, it wasn't big enough for people, but hey...)


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