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Physics Test/Lecture Drawings

This is the beginning of a collection of drawings that are FREE for educational uses. This includes physics education websites that are FREE to the public as well as other FREE physics educational resources. The original collection of images was created by Machele Cable of Wake Forest University, with input from Aaron Titus of High Point University, Cary Busby of Arbor Scientific. Stephen Wallin of Colorado State University-Pueblo has contributed the heat engine image.

The drawings are designed to be used as a basis for lectures and tests, not as an index that completely explains every physics concept. Each file is in gif format and most files have several versions of thedrawing in them. Just crop the image down to what you need or feel free to add more! For example, the block sliding down on a frictionless plane file is on the right (the actual file image is bigger). You can crop the image down using something as simple as MS Word in order to use the piece or pieces you want. There are over 100 files covering mechanics, fluids, waves, optics, E&M and modern. Astro pictures will be added as requests for them come in.


Addition of 2 Vectors Vector_Addition2.gif
Addition of 3 Vectors Vector_Addition3.gif
Atwood Machine sliding on frictionless table Atwood_Horizontal_Frictionless.gif
Atwood Machine sliding on table Atwood_Horizontal_Friction.gif
Atwood Machine, suspended Atwood_Vertical.gif
Ball thrown 1D Ball_Toss_1D.gif
Ball thrown 2D Ball_Toss_2D.gif
Block sliding down inclined plane, friction Block_Inclined_Sliding_Friction1.gif
Block sliding down inclined plane, frictionless Block_Inclined_Sliding_Frictionless1.gif
Block sliding up inclined plane, fiction Block_Inclined_Sliding_Friction2.gif
Block sliding up inclined plane, frictionless Block_Inclined_Sliding_Frictionless2.gif
Boat Crossing River Boat_Crossing_River.gif
Boom: Cabled, hinged beam holds a mass. Boom.gif
Car on banked circle Car_Banked_Curve.gif
Car on flat circle Car_Flat_Curve.gif
Central force whirlygig Whirlygig.gif
Coordinate Systems Coordinate_Systems.gif
Disk, Hoop, Sphere Race Hoop_Disk_Sphere_Race.gif
Elastic Collision Elastic_Collision.gif
Hanging Mass, 2 cables Two_Cable_Block.gif
Inelastic Collision Inelastic_Collision.gif
Kepler-Elliptical Orbit Keplers_Law_1.gif
Kepler-Equal Area Keplers_Law_2.gif
Ladder leaning against wall and sliding down, friction and frictionless Sliding_Ladder.gif
Loop de loop LoopdeLoop.gif
Monkey and Hunter Monkey_Hunter.gif
Roller Coaster Roller_Coaster.gif
Rolling Cylinder Rolling_Cylinder.gif
Rolling Disk Rolling_Disk.gif
Rolling Hoop Rolling_Hoop.gif
Rolling Sphere Rolling_Sphere.gif
Rotating Cylinders, hollow and solid. Rotating_Cylinder.gif
Rotating Disks Rotating_Disk.gif
Rotating hoop about central axis or any diameter Rotating_Hoop.gif
Rotating Rods, center and end. Rotating_Rod.gif
Rotating Spheres, hollow and solid. Rotating_Sphere.gif
Static block on inclined plane Block_Inclined_Static.gif
Static Torque Beam, balanced on cm and balanced off cm Static_Torque_Beam.gif
Two body gravitational system Gravitational_2_Body.gif
x,v,a kinematics graphs x_v_a_Graphs.g


Archimedes Archimedes.gif
Bernoulli streamline Bernoulli_Pipe.gif
Fish at depth for pressure or buoyancy Fish_At_Depth.gif
Hydraulic Lever Hydraulic_Lever.gif
Magdeburg Hemisphere Magdeburg_Hemispere.gif
Open-Tube Manometer Manometer.gif
Water Tower Leak Water_Tower.gif


Damped Simple Harmonic Oscillator Damped_SHO.gif
Doppler Shift Doppler_Shift.gif
Double Slit Interference Double_Slit_Interference.gif
Forced Simple Harmonic Oscillator Forced_SHO.gif
Hook's law, horizontal on frictionless surface Hookes_Law_Horizontal_Frictionless.gif
Hook's law, horizontal with friction Hookes_Law_Horizontal_Friction.gif
Hook's law, vertical Hookes_Law_Vertical.gif
Mass on 2 springs, parallel SHO_Parallel.gif
Mass on 2 springs, series SHO_Series.gif
Pendulum Pendulum.gif
Phase shift Phase_Shift.gif
Sine wave image Sine_Wave.gif
Single Slit Diffraction Single_Slit_Diffraction.gif
Standing Wave, closed 1 end, closed 2 ends, open ended Standing_Waves.gif
Superposition of waves Superpostion_Of_Waves.gif
Two source points, interference Source_Point_Interference.gif
Large Moire Generator Large_Moire_Generator.gif
x,v,a Simple Harmonic Oscillation graphs x_v_a_SHO_Graphs.gif


p-V diagram - carnot cycle P_V_Carnot.gif
p-V diagram - open and closed cycles P_V_Diagrams.gif
p-V diagram - sterling engine P_V_Sterling.gif
heat engine heatengine.gif

E and M

2 capacitors in parallel Capacitors_In_Parallel_2.gif
2 capacitors in series Capacitors_In_Series_2.gif
2 resistors in parallel Resistors_In_Parallel_2.gif
2 resistors in series Resistors_In_Series_2.gif
3 capacitor combinations Capacitor_Combinations_3.gif
3 capacitors in parallel Capacitors_In_Parallel_3.gif
3 capacitors in series Capacitors_In_Series_3.gif
3 resistor combinations Resistor_Combinations_3.gif
3 resistors in parallel Resistors_In_Parallel_3.gif
3 resistors in series Resistors_In_Series_3.gif
Charge in electric field, including Milliken Oil Drop Charge_In_E_Field.gif
Charge in Magnetic field Charge_In_Mag_Field.gif
Dipole in electric field Dipole_E_Field.gif
E-field - attraction of 2 charges E_Field_Attraction.gif
E-field - attraction of charge and plate E_Field_Attraction_Charge_Plate.gif
E-field - attractions of 2 plates E_Field_Attraction_Plates.gif
E-field - repulsion of 2 charge E_Field_Repulsion.gif
E-field - repulsion of 2 plates E_Field_Repulsion_Plates.gif
E-field - repulsion of charge and plate E_Field_Repulsion_Charge_Plate.gif
E-field, Potential at point due to line E_Field_Line_Of_Charge.gif
E-field, Potential at point due to ring E_Field_Ring_Of_Charge.gif
Gauss' Law for a line of charge Gauss_Line_Charge.gif
Gauss' Law for a plane of charge Gauss_Plane_Charge.gif
Gauss' Law for a sphere of charge Gauss_Sphere_Charge.gif
Gauss' Law for coax cable Gauss_Coax_Cable.gif
Gauss' Law for two plates Gauss_Two_Charged_Plates.gif
Hall Effect Hall_Effect.gif
LC circuit LC_Circuit.gif
Loop in Magnetic field Loop_In_Mag_Field.gif
LR circuit combinations, 1 inductor, 2 resistors LR_Combinations.gif
LR circuits LR_Circuit.gif
LRC circuit combinations LRC_Combinations.gif
Magnetic field lines of bar and horseshoe magnets Magnetic_Field_Lines.gif
Magnetic field of current carrying loop Mag_Field_Of_Loop.gif
Magnetic field of current carrying solenoid Mag_Field_Of_Solenoid.gif
Magnetic field of current carrying Toroid Mag_Field_Of_Toroid.gif
Magnetic field of current carrying wire Mag_Field_Of_Wire.gif
Parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric Parallel_Plate_Capacitor.gif
RC circuit RC_Circuit.gif
Repulsion and attraction of 3 charges in a line arrangement Charge_Repulsion_Attraction_3.gif
Repulsion and attraction of 3 charges in a triangle arrangement Charge_Repulsion_Attraction_3b.gif
Repulsion and attraction of charges Charge_Repulsion_Attraction.gif
Transformer - step up and step down Transformers.gif


Electromagnetic Wave EandM_Wave.gif
Lens diagram - converging and diverging Thin_Lenses.gif
Michelson Interferometer Michelson_Interferometer.gif
Mirror diagram - flat Plane_Mirror.gif
Mirror diagram - spherical mirrors Spherical_Mirrors.gif
Reflection Reflection_Refraction_Transmission.gif
Thin Film Interference Thin_Film_Interference.gif

Modern Physics

Relativity of length Relativity_Of_Length.gif
Relativity of time Relativity_Of_Time.gif
Simultaneity Simultaneity.gif


None available as of yet.